Westmill Roadworks | BC Road Milling

Established in 2011, Westmill Roadworks of Salmon Arm, BC, started with a Wirtgen half meter milling machine. At that time we specialized in small milling projects and trimming behind larger machines. In 2012, a 1 meter milling machine was purchased to meet the increasing demand of the medium sized milling market. Since then, a 1.2 meter machine, a 1.3 meter machine and in 2019, a new half meter milling machine were all added to the fleet.

With 2 low-beds, Westmill is fully mobile and equipped to provide road milling services throughout BC. Today, with our fleet of machines, as well as large milling machines and re-claimers  available, Westmill is able to tackle any sized job. We service all of British Columbia. From simple patch milling to technically challenging jobs such as concrete bridge deck milling, Westmill has the equipment and experience to handle all your milling needs.